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Foaled: 2019 - AMHA/AMHR yearling colt name pending. He's a cutie and very sweet and would be a great all-around prospect. SOLD

Rawhide N Gold

  • AQHA Palomino Mare
  • Registered AHQH & PHBA
  • Foaled: 2004

Was trained in Reining and shown NRHA as a 3 and 4 yr old and has had the life of leisure ever since. 15.3 Hands tall. Easy Keeper. Great mare and Hollywood Dun It on her papers. Comes when called. Sweet mare. Would be excellent reining, trail, pleasure, or broodmare. Call or 409 670 5441. $3900.

Skip N Rawhide Dunit Rawhide Hollywood Dun It
Ima Spanish Skip
Dont Skip A Diamond Skip'n Stage
Miss Diamond Della
Nice Silver N Gold Yellow Cake Use Dot's Jessie
Bucks Miss Mazie
Nice N Light Eternal Daylight
Silver Janice

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  • AMHA Colt
  • Foaled: March 22, 2015
  • SOLD

Two blue eyes and in your pocket sweet.

JS Marvelous Cha Cha

JS Marvelous Cha Cha
JS Marvelous Cha Cha

  • AQHA Filly
  • 14.3 Hands
  • Foaled: March 2009
  • SOLD

Sweet gorgous AQHA yearling filly. In ribbons every time shown! Currently 1st place in two local open show organizations and consistently grand or reserve champion in overall. Sweet disposition. Beautiful headed, great straight legs, and good croup. Should mature to 16 hands. We own her full sister and she is 16.1 and can be seen on our website ("Maddie"). Chelsey is used to kids, dogs, cats, toys, chaos, tractors, lots of other horses. Easy to fit and maintained by amateurs. Fit and ready to show!

JS Marvelous Cha Cha

Beckwith Lil Dunnit

  • AQHA Red Dun Mare
  • Registration #3883422
  • 15.1 Hands
  • Foaled: June 1999
  • SOLD

Pretty, sweet, Dun Mare that just received a 30 day professional "tune-up" after raising babies for us and being turned out in the pasture for 5 yrs. Mare is excellent horse, easy keeper, great hooves, and is absolutely no trouble in pasture. Always pastured with other horses and gets along great.

We have owned "Dunnie" for over five yrs and has never been injured or sick. She is a great riding horse as well and would be great ranch horse, performance horse, or just broodmare that you can ride. NEVER bucked. reared. kicked or bite. Sweet horse and is very willing and trusting.

Throws beautiful babies without problem. Always been pasture bred and always takes in first month. Babies are at end of video and have a sweet, sweet disposition. We still own two of her babies and sold other two to friends. Bloodlines go back to King, Doc Bar, Poco Lena, and Leo. Doesn't get much better than this!

Beckwith Playboy Beckwith Dun Classy Flap
Beckwith Babe
Miss Playboy Sputnik's Playboy
Patsy Caballero
Cragos Lil Spunky Cragos Doctor Nick Docs Decatholon
Nicola Star
Zuhra Star Walpi Bar
Naja Star

Cool Encore

Cool Encore
Cool Encore

  • AQHA Buckskin Gelding
  • Registration #476835
  • Hands
  • Foaled: February 16, 2006
  • SOLD

Beautiful 3 yr old buckskin gelding. Was shown in halter as a yearling with numerous wins. Very laid back disposition and is a people horse. Comes right up to you and is not dominant in pasture. Not an ounce of meanness with Stone. No kick, bite, rear, or buck and never bucked even on first ride. Rides beautifully and would make excellent trail, cow, playday, or family horse. Would also be great reining prospect. Goes over and through anything with no problem. Used to kids, four wheelers, dogs, tractors, shows, etc. Would be fine for youth to ride. Would be perfectly happy walking everywhere; have to urge to trot or lope. Easy to bathe, leads and loads great.

Im One Cool Mr Mr Conclusion Conclusive
Miss Amber Charge
One Cool Angel Ima Cool Skip
Miss Skip N Te
Hannahs Love Hi Fi Love Sir Lovealot
Hi Fi Bar Caro
Pokey Little Pet Pokey Dude
Boomer Faye

Sunset's Fire

Sunsets Fire
Sunsets Fire

  • JC Bay Mare
  • Registration #0515876
  • Hands
  • Foaled: February 8, 2005
  • SOLD

4-year-old well broke mare. Very quiet under saddle and anyone can ride. Will lope or gallop if asked but perfectly happy walking and trotting. Nice mover and would make excellent English prospect. Not spooky and not "mare-ish". Has been examined and is fit for breeding as well. Loves baths, and likes attention, easy to catch, easy to saddle and easy to ride. Has good strong hooves so no shoes are needed unless desired. Gets along great in pasture with others and would rather be out than in a stall. Absolutely no buck, kick or bite.

Lost Soldier - -
- -
Silverman - -
- -

Badgers King Jasper

Badgers King Jasper
Badgers King Jasper

  • AQHA Buckskin Stallion
  • Registration #5079753
  • 14.3 Hands
  • Foaled: May 17, 2008
  • SOLD

Dark buckskin colt for sale. 'Jasper' is very sweet and will be great horse. Will be 15.1-15.2 hands tall. Likes to be brushed, leads well and will come up to you in pasture. Sire has foundation breeding and is pictured on Stallion page. Dam was big, stout mare with cutting training that we purchased from Bar B Ranch in Oklahoma. AQHA registered and current on shots and coggins. Call or email with questions!

King Babar Stanleo Mr San Man Crockett Gay Bar
King Lady Bird
Bebe Baba Baybardo
Ba Ba
Gray Badgers Jill Gray Badgers Tip San Tip
Gray Badgers Gin
Scotts Kiowa Girl Scott Will Win
Kiowa Linda

Jill Dunnit Jack

Jill Dunnit Jack
Jill Dunnit Jack

  • AQHA Dun Mare
  • Registration #4761297
  • 14.3 Hands
  • Foaled: April 2005
  • SOLD

Gorgeous Two-eyed Jack bred all-around prospect. Beautiful and sweet red dun filly. Two year old with 90 days professional training that is ready to move on to next level. Shown in Walk Trot and Western Pleasure and placed in open show with only 50 days of riding. Very pretty mover with no buck or spook. Never had an injury or an illness. Sane and sound. Very quiet mare. Shown in halter as a weanling to get used to crazy people and normal horses. Should mature to 15.1, Is 15 hands now. Very sweet with no kick, bite, or meanness to her whatsoever. Ties, clips, bathes, trims - never a fuss. A joy to have. Not dominant in pasture.

Watch Sweet Jack Two ID Sweet Jack Two ID Bartender
Miss Sweet Jack
Miss Silky Suzy Missys Super Jack
Silky Suzy
Beckwith Lil Dunnit Beckwith Playboy Beckwith Dun
Miss Playboy
Cragos Lil Spunky Cragos Doctor Nick
Zuhra Star

Blue Moon Skipper

Blue Moon Skipper
Blue Moon Skipper

  • APHA Black Overo Gelding
  • Registration #864,428
  • 14.2 Hands
  • Foaled: May 2006
  • SOLD

"Oreo" is super sweet and a great all around prospect! He just turned a year old and already stands 14.2. He leads, loads, bathes, and stands for the farrier. Gets along great with others. Used to kids, tractors, and other horses. Would make an excellent color halter horse and then trained for the event you prefer. Laid back disposition. 2 blue eyes.

Moons Blue Force Blue Tail Wind H H
Miss Blue Bonanza
Blue Lightening Blue Tail Wind
Moonie Bandit
Santana Skips Blue Blues Bonanza Air Force Blue
Whata Spot Bonanza
Blackeyed Shasta Skip A Duece
Double Black Skip

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